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Upgrade: Kurt Kinetic

The image on the Left is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. The image on the Right is the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll. My sponsor, ordered herself the item on the left, after much research from yours truly to replace the older Minoura unit in our arsenal of off-season sweat toys. The unit on the right was in the box. A $160 upgrade.

I am interested in how well this unit works with the Power Computer that was a small add-on. I quite like my Tacx, but find the power readings to be mostly useless, as they (from experience) are greatly affected by wheel-to-roller tension: which begs the question, what's the right tension.

For the Kurt models, wheel-roller tension does not factor in their power estimates.

I assembled it tonight. I have not ridden it yet. So far, all I have to say is, Holy crap - it's huge. I'm not sure what the going rate for steel is, but the frame alone has got to be worth a small fortune. This bad-boy sure is beefy.

Oh, it also came with a Spinervals DVD.