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Dog Bite!

A nice Sunday morning ride with the Official Sponsor (wife) . We were visiting my parents in Brockville, so the kids were taken care of. The weather was cool, the sky a little overcast, we'd chance a 50K ride. Along Highway 29, into Athens and back.

10K ... everything is sunshine and lollipops.

11K ... we pass a "farmstead" and the open laneway... all of a sudden a full-sized black lab starts tearing towards us, barking in the most horrific and aggressive nature.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but my instincts put me in Robbie McEwan mode. The dog bursts out of the laneway and onto the highway chasing us. I assumed Guylaine would put her Tom Boonen-esq legs into action; but, somehow the dog has cut her off. She swerves into the highway to avoid it (THANK GOD there's no traffic at that second, or she would have been killed) - loses all momentum and has to power up from a near-stand still.

The dog lashes out at her three times: the third time grabbing on.

Not sure if she managed to kick it or if her yelling deterred it, but somehow she made it away.

We stop to assess the damage. Sure enough, the bastard, ripped into her leg leaving with a nasty flesh puncture.

Fortunately, someone down the road, noticed what happened, and had a first aid kit. We got her wiped up, cleaned-off and band-aided.

Always the trooper - not wanting this to ruin the day - she insisted we carry on.

On the way back, we stopped at the local police detachment to report it: Not to be skit disturbers - but more out of public safety - a small child would have had no chance if this thing came charging. Anyhow - long story short - the dog is now in quarantine - and the public health department is testing the dog -- because the damn owner was too irresponsible to ever have it vaccinated.

Guylaine is fine. Here's the perfect opportunity for me to insert your typical "forthing at the mouth joke", but (having used it already 4 times), I'm going to just post this picture.

Not an actual picture of the dog that bit Guylaine, but I'm guessing somewhat reflective of the owner's intelligence.