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True Love, Tinman Triathlon Style

I'm a stats junkie. I love my Sportstats. I love analysis. I look for the stories that might have happened in the stats. The battles, the duels.

Meet Shelly and Keith Amato (husband and wife, I am presuming).

Now check out their stats - finishing one after the other, Keith by a second.

Pos Time Name City Plc/Total Cat # Cat Ovr Time /100m Tr1 Cat Ovr Time mi/hr Tr2 Cat Ovr Time /mi
----- ------- ---------------------- ------------- -------------- ----- ---------------------- ----- ----------------------- ----- ----------------------
695 8:03:33 AMATO KEITH Mechanicville 85/85 M35-39 275 79 665 50:13 2:31 13:18 82 686 3:41:22 15.2 19:01 84 690 2:59:41 13:43
696 8:03:34 AMATO SHELLY Mechanicville 45/47 W35-39 244 45 711 54:41 2:45 8:54 45 704 3:50:13 14.6 10:07 45 691 2:59:41 13:43

So, here's how I read it: Keith finishes the swim first - and because Keith is the hopeless romantic, he hangs around in T1 for his beloved wife. They take some time to psych each other up, and then off they go for a 56 mile ride in the beautiful Adirondack mountains.

Keith, being the man that he is, tries to stay close to his wife, but can't hold back on some of those screamers on the way back to town. He gets into T2 about 9 minutes before Shelley. But, again, being the romantic man that he is hangs around in T2 for Shelley to arrive.

She arrives, and they share a romantic Powerade together. Keith recites some poetry, Shelly says, "we better get running" - they head out for a lovely 13.1 mile run through the beautiful town of Tupper Lake.

Running is Shelly's thing, and although Keith is feeling a little fatigued from the bike - she pulls him through the run. At the finish line, Shelley insists that Keith goes first - he obliges.

The rest of the evening is spent celebrating their triumphant day together.