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Damn You (Common Sense)

My current shoes, 2007 Asics Gel 1120:

I just purchased a new pair of them (new ones are white with a nicer colour scheme).

Here's the problem:

1. Current shoes have 402 Km on them. 500 K is the ideal max. However, from experience, I've noticed that Asics break down earlier than that. Current shoes feel like they're done.

2. Race is in 15 days.

3. New shoes have been acquired.

4. I have not yet run in the new shoes. I *really* ought to test them on the treadmill - just to be 100% sure that they're fine (if they're not, they can be returned -- iff, they haven't been run in outside).

5. Last night's run. It was too nice to run on the treadmill.

Actual conversation last night with the Voice of Reason (my wife):

G: "Are you doing a workout tonight?"
P: "Yes, run for an hour. I'm gonna test the shoes on the treadmill. Ahg, it's so nice out though"
G: "Take advantage of it... run outside."
P: "Yeah, ok. I'm going to take a chance and use my new shoes anyways."
G: "Whoa big fella - nuh huh - you've already got enough of shoes that aren't right for you - we don't need another pair."
P: "Yeah, but..."
G: "Test them another night"
P: "Yeah, but..."

(The 'Whoa big fella' part wasn't part of the actual exchange).

So, my dilemma is: I've got 15 days. Probably 40K of running to a) test the shoes b) verify that they're fine c) 'break them in' for the big dance. BUT: today = no running, tomorrow = no running.

Damn You and your Common Sense!
alternate title: "You should have gotten your replacement shoes a month ago."
2nd alternate title: "Procrastination - an neutral-pronators purchasing policy"