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The Plan

I have never had a plan. Smash and Grab. Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat, Over Train, Under train, Mis-train. Burn out. Feel sorry for myself. Binge.

The fact is, my life is too hectic to adhere to a plan. Maybe that's just an excuse for being too lazy to get up earlier.

First "race" of the year in less than T-minus 4 weeks: 1/2 Marathon.

I'm not nervous, but I know I'm not ready. Training has been "thin" for the past 2 weeks. I think I have a good base. Lacking in the 'Interval' side and perhaps too heavy in the 'Tempo' department.

A quick Google search for 4 week half-marathon plan... of course nothing. But I have taken it upon myself to adapt, Hal Higdon's 12 week Intermediate plan.

It looks a little like this...

910 K Run (Med) 8 km run3000 m swim 6 x 400 5-K pace15K Easy Run RestLeisure Bike
101000 m swim +Med Bike 8 km run3000 m swim 45 min tempoRest8 km pace16 K Easy run
111000 m swim + Med Bike8 km run3000 m swim 7 x 400 5-K paceRest5 km pace17 K Easy run
121000 m swim + Easy Bike 6 km run30 min tempo1000 m swim RestHalf MarathonRest!

Wish me luck.