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Real Biking... kind of.

Spring is finally here. Guylaine and I headed outside on a glorious Saturday afternoon for a bike ride. I don't think we had an official destination in mind... I was just hoping to go long.

The landmarks ticked by... Blue Anchor... Hamilton Island... Charlottenburgh Park... Cooper Marsh... Raisin River... Looks like it's gonna be Lancaster.

25K out, and 25K back. A cool half-century (metric). Not bad for the first outside ride.

Interesting notes:
1) I rode my hybrid - new Conti backtire and tune-up. I like this bike. I think I will own this bike until I die.

2) Outside riding = easier than inside riding. We weren't kicking up a tremendous pace (22km/hr avg), but I instantly noticed the effort level was much less than my Tacx. I have been feeling a little depressed about the power-output and distances reported on the Tacx, but clearly, it is out of calibration. I don't think I broke 100 bpm heart rate all day - so that holds well for the upcoming season.

3) Can't wait for a chance to take out the real bike, and hammer.

4) It was somewhat dissapointing to see only 4 other cyclists out.