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Lane Splitting... a slow erosion of respect... leading to total Anarchy

I'm too Canadian for my own good sometimes. What I mean by that, is that I'm generally calm, cool and collected. I don't freak out, I don't honk my horn, I put up with poor service, I generally give the benefit of the doubt.

I went swimming at lunch today: sure enough, Lane-Splitters.

I miss my old pool. In Ottawa, the pool I went too was for swimming. Swimmers went there to swim. There were four lanes: Fast, Medium, Slow and Easy. Mostly people properly aligned themselves.

Where I go now, is a pool for recreation. The pool is generally split in half. One half is split into two lanes. The other half is for cannon-ballers. It's not terribly busy, and perhaps that's the fault. For some reason, it appears that "Lane Splitting" has become an accepted practice -- contrary to the posted signs showing: swim up this side, and down that side.

It absolutely drives me nuts, when I arrive on the deck, and in both lanes, a side-stroker put-putting up and down one side, and a floater dilly-dallying up the other side. It's just plain rude.

I've begun to slowly educate people. But, it's probably a lost cause. Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to get a lane to myself. I began, my counter-clockwise lap swimming, as per posted sign. Only to be greeted by someone head-on who assumed we were going to split. I got out of her way, and waited at the wall for her. "We'll swim in a loop" I said firmly...

These are probably the same people that feel it's ok to toss a cigarette butt... park in the Fire Lane while they 'pop' into the bank-machine... sneak 12 items into the 8 items or less lane. It's a slow erosion, but we're heading towards total anarchy... I can feel it.