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Tinman Bike Elevation (revisited)

Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon Bike Course.

I'm not obsessing .. I was just doing some work late at night, and I thought 'what the heck', let's re-look at this thing.

The map of the bike course, from event site:
(I'm hoping that the quality of the event is inversely proportional to their website skills)

Mapped using GMAP Pedomoter:

Elevation and Distance of Bike Course:
Excel file

Resulting Groovy Graphic: (click-it to McSupersize)
Click to big me

I am able to rationalize it this way: 4 climbs up Blair Road, one each @ 3.5km, 19km, 68km, and 85km.

The old Blair Road hill (mile 2 to 3):