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That Swim, RIP AquaSphere Kaimen and Calf muscles from Hell

I hit the pool again last night for my (semi-recurring) weekly big swim. It was a good night for a swim - hardly anyone there. I split the lane with another swimmer, who was about the same ability as me.

I decided to do the same workout as last week.
400 W/U
2 x (100 pull, 50 kick, 50 drill front, 50 drill back)
200 Easy
5 x 100 (25 Front, 50 Breast, 25 Front - last 25m hard) [finished around 1:50, repeats on 2:15]
50 Easy
5 x 100 (25 Front, 25 Back, 25 Front, 25 Back - last 25m hard) [finished around 1:50, repeats on 2:30]
50 Easy
100 IM
4 x 100 (25 easy, 50 med, 25 hard) [finished around 1:50, repeats on 2:30]
300 Cool Down
3,000 meters

Two things from last night

Thing 1: For a while now, I've been trying to love my new AquaSphere Kaimen goggles.

Everyone seems to rave about these goggles. And I bought a pair in August, hoping that they'd live up to my expectations. They have not. They just don't fit my face properly, and leak profusely.

Last night, I pulled on my old Speedo Vanquishers. I wondered why I had ever wanted to switch. I will commit to never using anything but Speedo Vanquishers from now on. They work.

Thing 2: I really buggered up my left calf muscle last night. As I flipped from back to breast in the 100 IM, the pushoff from the wall sent a crippling pain through my body. Oddly, in a way, it felt kind of neat, and I kind of enjoyed the feeling of having worked myself to such utter agony, but that euphoric feeling quickly dissipated. It really excruciating. I was completely incapable of moving my left leg. After what seemed like an eternity - it settled down, and I was able to move it a bit. I set off swimming again, a little slower than usual - flip turns were suspended for the rest of the evening. I noticed I was over compensating on push offs with my right leg, and as a result, cramped my right thigh temporarily. My left calf is still throbbing right now. I won't be able to run on it today, that's for sure.

This injury is not new to me, I've experienced it several times during big swims. It seems to be agitated by kick-board sessions and the butterfly stroke. All the more reason for ABANDONING those sadistic drills. Fortunately, I won't be busting out the butterfly during a triathlon.