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RIP tri-shorts... Literally

Nice swim tonight. 3000 (focused) meters. However, in an unfortunate series of events, that fortunately (or unfortunately) did not result in public nudity, my tri-shorts finally ripped, right through the side panel. Yikes!

These were my blessed, first-ever pair. We've seen many miles together. I think I might start using my brand new, Cornwall Multisport pair for the pool. Although every bone in my body tells me, that doing so will put them on track to a premature death too... but maybe I'll go faster(?)

Quick tally of my workout log, and I'm doing pretty good so far. Volume is one thing, but focused volume is another. I'm a tad behind on the bike, but I think I was a bit generous in 2005 with my indoor training estimates.

2007 To Date:
S: 10 for 15,200 M
B: 15 for 334 KM
R: 16 for 126 KM

2006 Equivalents:
S: 3 for 3,000 M
B: 6 for 122 KM
R: 16 for 109 KM

2005 Equivalents:
S: 15 for 23,550 M
B: 18 for 549 KM
R: 11 for 55 KM