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Plantar Fasciitis - alternate title was Censored by Blogger

Plantar Fasciitis

My wife has been battling this for 4 months now. It has been excruciating for her. I'm often accused of not being compasionate or caring enough. I did feel sympathy for her; but, I think I often used to give her that "I told you so" look - she's a mileage junkie.

Saturday night, I noticed something in my heel... a little dull ache. That's weird I thought. Sunday day = full blown, scream in pain when I put pressure on my heel. Wouldn't that just be swell. Exactly what I don't need to have right now.

It wasn't too bad last night just before bed, and it's only a dull ache today.

Fingers are crossed. I do have a lot more sympathy for her now though.