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Ground Rules. Part 1.

Tupper Lake Tinman 1/2 Iron Triathlon is on June 30, 2007. That is 136 days away.

What follows is a collection of statements, in no particular order, that lay the framework for how I will conduct myself from now until then.

1a. Contrary to what may have been said in the past, I am not the centre of the Universe.

1b. Contrary to past actions, I am not the centre of the Universe.

2. My bike is fine. Stop whining. I may allow myself to upgrade pedals and helmet.

3. No junk miles.

4. I will be a participant, not a racer.

5. I will not obsess about my weight. I will weigh 160 lbs on race day. No less. I am allowed to walk around at 165 from now until then.

6. That said, I will cut the junk food. I will eat smarter. I will drink less.

7. I will respect cadence.

8. I will remember how much I did not enjoy the entire Half Marathon experience last year - training and race day. I will not be consumed.

9. If hurt, I will train accordingly.

10. I will lube the treadmill and my bike regularly.

To be continued...