The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes


Sunday morning; set out for 10K run, but I had to abandon at 7K due to shoulder cramps. Very unusual. Lower left shoulder blade was aching horrendously. Sunday evening; round 2; attempted 10K again... only minor aching... Got 'er done. Legs felt fine this morning. Ordinarily 17K would leave me with stiff legs the next day - but I guess spread out over 12 hours, it isn't so bad.

Hit the pool at lunch today. Empty. 1000m timed swim:
500m @ 8:50
750m @ 13:28 (4:38 for 250m)
1000m @ 18:03 (4:34 for 250m)

Pretty happy with that. 1:48/100m average swim pace. Mostly bilateral breathing, mostly good flip turns.