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Tinman = 49.99% reality

The Tupper Lake Tinman half-iron distance triathlon is almost a reality. The topic was discussed again last night at the kitchen sink while washing dishes, and I think I've got the green-light from my official sponsor.

She did ask a good question: "But, isn't that in the mountains?". Oh yes, good question. The Adirondak mountains, in fact. No, I wouldn't be ready for a gruelling bike course.

The official site for the event: is a little behind the times in modern course mapping (unlike Musselman which has very good interactive elevation maps

I reassured myself a little bit by plotting it out using the Route Mapping feature of Buckeye Outdoors. I think this is a pretty close representation. Not too terrible. 'Rolling' looks to be the key word. (profile shown for first 45 km, I believe, the bike is pretty much an out-and-back).

I mapped the route for the run, and it turns out to be quite flat (although it actually goes cross-country for a little bit).

The interesting thing so far about this course, which differs significantly from any other race I've done (apart from it being 70.3 miles in total distance!!!) is that the bike is one huge out-and-back, and the run is a single loop, that in comes back on itself in some parts. Most other courses I've done, have been 4x10k bike 'out-and-backs' and 2x5k 'out-and-back' runs. Loops can be fun, but it will be interesting to just go out far... and then come back.

Not sure at what point I'll pull the trigger on the registration. Momentum is certainly building. Maybe at 50% + 1?

I think I just need someone to dare me to do it.