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The Convenient Patriot – Tacx Update

As a landed immigrant and “naturalized” Canadian, I’m fairly patriotic. It pained me to buy my new Tacx Flow ergotrainer from a US Supplier instead of a local bike shop. I suppose, I’m a “convenient patriot” – I’ll buy locally, but if I can save $400 all bets are off. [Especially if we’re talking about a Dutch product.]

The Tacx Flow is still not working. sent me a replacement part, and it too turned out to be defective. After talking with the Canadian distributor, who rightly so, asked me to pursue it further with my American retailer. Buying “big-ticket” electronic components online is not popular with my official sponsor – although she never said it, I knew what she was thinking (I told you so). I put in another call to TriSports.

I am impressed so far, with the level of service from TriSports. Let’s face it, I didn’t buy a $5000 P3C, it’s a $400 bike trainer. Yet, the effort of customer service was what you might expect for the former. I had about 4 calls from them last night… and it looks like everything’s going to be alright.

The situation:

  1. Received Tacx Flow, set it up, and determined quickly that there was a problem.
  2. Was able to trouble shoot the problem to the display/processing unit (someone I know has the same ~working~ unit, and by swapping in/out their parts we were able to isolate the problem).
  3. Contacted TriSports – no problem, they sent me a replacement display unit.
  4. Installed replacement unit – same problem.
  5. Contacted the Canadian Distributor -> Please contact your retailer
  6. Contacted the retailer
  7. Retailer contacted their distributor
  8. Distributor asks retailer what the problem is
  9. Retailer asks me to better define the problem
  10. Distributor admits they are seeing quite a few occurrences of this same problem in the Tacx Flow model
  11. Retailer shares this with me (I am relieved that the problem is not isolated to me!)
  12. Distributor promises to ship a tested replacement to Retailer
  13. Retailer to send to me
  14. Retailer asks me to send back the 2 defective units – Retailer offers to reimburse me shipping costs.
  15. Should have functioning unit within 10 days or so!