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That Swim

I decided 3,000 meters would be enough for the first long swim of the year. Hopefully, I can make it a weekly event. The pool was not so busy last night. When you swim a long distance, it's kind of funny to keep track of the number of people who come and go. For example, the pool was extremely quiet; however, there must have been at least 4 or 5 people that hopped in my lane for their swim. A couple laps and they were done.

The workout was modified from one I'd done last year. On paper, it looked reasonable. It turned out to be a real chest-heaver.

400 W/U
2 x (100 pull, 50 kick, 50 drill front, 50 drill back)
200 Easy
5 x 100 (25 Front, 50 Breast, 25 Front - last 25m hard)
50 Easy * added this in-situ
5 x 100 (25 Front, 25 Back, 25 Front, 25 Back - last 25m hard)
50 Easy * again, added in-situ to get heart rate down to triple digits)
100 IM
4 x 100 (25 easy, 50 med, 25 hard)
300 Cool Down
3,000 meters

In total 14 lengths @ hard pace + I usually go pretty hard on an IM.

Sidenote: Can only do backstroke on a return lap, as there are no backstroke flags in the deep end. I found this out the hard way a couple of weeks ago.