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Skating with a Garmin

Alternate Title: Yes, I'm a nerd.

I am fortunate, in that my office is located adjacent to a marina. And, that a skating rink is built and maintanined there each winter. And, being that it is now finally winter, the rink is ready for human consumption.

Of course, I wore my Garmin.

The skatable perimeter is approxiately 129.50 meters.

I went 5.5 km (42 loops), thus producing the nice spirograph you see to the left. Lines that cross through the oval, are obviously where the GPS was interpolated between 2 points - probably I was too fast for the satellite to track me properly. :-)

In actuality, the loop doesn't allow the freedom of uber-fast skating - not that I could anyways. My avg speed was 12.8 km/hr.

As far as a "workout" goes, my 26:44 effort is probably on par with a 2.5 km run, according to this calorie calculator:

ActivityCalories burned
Skating - moderate (26 minutes @ 165lbs)
Running 7 mph (26 minutes @ 165 lbs)