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Le Grand Défi ~ Challenge of a Lifetime

I've been ill. The downside = no workouts. The upside, is that I got to veg on Sunday and watch back-to-back conference finals. I wasn't well enough to go to work yesterday. I flipped on the tube and started surfing...

...something caught my eye. 1985 footage of Hawaii Ironman. It was a movie. It was in French. It looked cheezy. It was cheezy, Le grand défi - translated from "Challenge of a Lifetime". I watched it.

From Rotten Tomatoes, "A kooky divorced mother is having doubts about her ability to handle life but learns a great deal about herself and life when, with the support of her son and her lover, the one-time college athlete enters and completes a grueling triathalon and emerges as a winner in the eyes of those that mean the most in her life." know, because, anyone can just enter Ironman Hawaii on a whim.

She finishes.... barely, after collapsing 10 meters away from the finish line (ala Julie Moss). 11:43 final time.