The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

Last Year's Totals


Number of Workouts 2057142219
Distance 33,6301,4811,0822596.63
Avg Distance per workout 1,681.5025.987.6211.86

Admittedly, an 'off' year, although I made some strides in the running department. I didn't log the duration of each workout, but at medium intensity, I'll give myself 40 minutes per avg. swim; an hour per avg bike, and 45 mins per run - for a total of 10,610 minutes of exercise.

177 hours for the year.
3.4 hours per week.
average of 30 minutes per day.

2007 started yesterday, and as much as I would have liked to have got a workout in... ...well, we'll just say that New Years Eve involved a tad too much vino.