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1000 meter time-trial

A snowy day today, perfect for a 1000 meter swim test.

Only one other guy in my lane. Fortunately, I was exactly twice as fast as his side-stroke. I would catch up to him at the end of every 4th length, and graciously he would let me pass uninterrupted.

First 500 meters in 9:07.84 (1:49/100m)
Second 500 meters in 9:33.74 (1:54/100m) {4 second rest between sets included in 2nd split}
Total: 1000 meters in 18:41.58 (1:52/100m)

Sure, 1:08 slower than my PB, but not bad considering the recent lack of quality pool time. Overall, I was pleasantly suprised. I didn't measure heart rate, but I was fairly relaxed. Stroke felt a little unorthodox for the 2nd set, and bilateral breathing only lasted the first 500.

Can I keep that pace for Tupper Lake and exit the water in 37 minutes... ...I suppose, I'll have to sign up first... I am a bit chicken to be honest.