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Switching to Buckeye Outdoors Training Log

An email has prompted me to update my training log software. Starting in the new year, I am going to migrate to the Buckeye Outdoors website. I've spent a little bit of time playing around with it already. The nice thing about this site, is that it looks like you can make it is as simple as you'd like or as detailed as you'd like.

My profile is: GarminGeek, current training log, with a couple of entries.


I was checking out your blog last night while doing some research into setting up my own blog to journal my triathlon efforts and your training log section impressed me. Do you log your training elsewhere and then simply import those calendars as images after the fact or are you able to update your log regularly?

Would love you know how you've got it set up.

Thank you,

Hi Josh,


Yes, you're right, the calendars are screen grabs that I took from a training log website that I use.

It's a very basic (free) tool, located on It lets you log distance and time, and then you can plot simple graphs and generate simple reports.

There is a better (free) site, called

You can easily add stats to your blog, see this blog: (on the right hand side). When you go to this site, click the link called "Visit my entire training log" and you can see a pretty nifty calendar view and weekly summary.

I'm going to migrate to that training log site next year.

Good luck!