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Listen to your body... But what the #### is it saying?

Listen to your body... easy enough...

Body: Hey Phil, just letting you know, that your knees hurt, your hamstrings are sore, and your back aches a lot.

Phil: So what the heck do you want me to about it?

Supposedly, I'm in the best shape of my life... if you consider Body Mass Index, resting heart rate, stamina, VO2 max... but honestly, since I started working out, I complain more now about aches and pains than ever before. The shoes are fine by the way.

When do you know when you should stop? Some pain is normal... right?

I hate that loud-mouth-know-it-all guy (you know him too): "Running is bad for your knees". Am I running to spite this guy?

Ah, I'm blabbering, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Speaking of which, why do I always lie?

Insurance forms... ParQ... Medical appointments: Do you ever experience chest pains or shortness of breath?

Standard answer: no.

Real answer: Uh, yes, about once a week.