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Houston, we have a problem

So it's 11:56 PM, and I've only done 2 minutes on the new Tacx Flow ergotrainer.

I didn't actually get around to assembling it until around 8:45 PM (Batch-ing it this week, with the Mrs. out of town at a conference).

It's all assembled, and feels solid enough. I had to disassemble my aero bars and remove my existing computer (all of which was held firmly in place, after removal of the screws, with sweat, spilled gatorade, and probably some blood and tears).

The problem with the Tacx is that the display only turns on when the cadence magnet on the crank is in direct contact with the sensor on the chain-stay. Take the magnet off the sensor, and the display turns off - turn it back on by touching the magnet to the sensor, and the display essentially reboots (as in, doesn't pick up where it left off).

So, its one of the following:

1. The display unit is faulty (maybe... but where is the brain of the system, is it in fact in the display unit, or in the electo-brake assembly)

2. The cadence magnet is weak (not likely, wouldn't explain why it unit turns off when not in contact).

3. The cadence pickup is faulty (maybe, but again, why would it turn off immediately when not in contact).

4. The circuitry in the electro-brake assembly is faulty.

Or, then again, maybe it just needs a good nights rest. Will try again in the morning, and then start getting friendly with Tacx customer support.