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Diagnosis: MTCU, Update

Diagnosis: Malfunctioning Tacx Computer Unit

Symptoms: Computer display only works when cadence sensor in contact with magnet - memory is lost when contact removed.

I was able to properly troubleshoot last night. I happen to know someone with exactly the same trainer. I brought my gear over to his house.

I had hoped that it was simply the cable that connected the electro-brake to the display. We tried that first. Plugging my cable into his trainer and display - unfortunately, it worked - meaning that it wasn't a simple fix.

Next, we attached my display to his trainer, and sure enough, no go.

To verify the rest of the trainer, I plugged his display into my base unit - and it worked.

So, I've got a foo-barred display (the yellow doo-hickey that sits on the handlebars).

I'm awaiting my response from customer support as for a remedy.

UPDATE: New part is on the way!