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The Tacx Man Cometh

The order has been placed. Tacx Flow ergotrainer is en route. Special thanks to the President of Cornwall Multisport club for some assistance in the procurement process.

We (my wife and I) had been wrestling with different options for bike training equipment. At one point, we were certain we would be picking up a Schwinn IC Pro spin bike. But, after careful re-consideration, and talks with others, we decided that a proper magtrainer was the best option. Plus, I'm a gadget-geek and numbers-freak. A spin bike with no read-out would kill me. On the other hand, the full blown I-magic VR experience would probably be a bit much - the only chance we get to watch TV is when we're on the treadmill or bike. Two good magtrainers = the price of one good spin bike.

Why Tacx Flow -> Watts baby. If cycling is all about the engine. Watts is the best way to measure the performance of the engine.