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T Minus 80 kilometers

Oh, I can't wait 'till next year.

I have a feeling I will be setting some nice goals and targets.

I'm teasing myself with Epicman .... but at the very least, a half-iron triathlon... Carleton Place or Montreal; not sure just yet.

But that's next year.

Clock's running out on this year.

Not much (zero) chance of meeting my 1:45 half-marathon this year.

But what I can I do to end the year in a positive note.

Two goals:
1. Resume regular swimming.
2. 1000 kilometers.

Regular Swimming:
I haven't been to a pool in a looong time. I will. Soon. Just as soon, as I can get through the pile of work on my desk.

1000 kilometers:
A quick tally of my running log shows that I am at 920 km (I've already surpassed last year's annual total of 912km). Only 80 km to go until a cool grand. Supposing my average run distance is 8km, that means 10 more runs. 51 days left in the year. 1 run every 5.1 days.

It can be done.