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BimActive Blogger How-To

Step 1: Sign into

Step 2: On the Dashboard Tab, click settings

Step 3: Fill out the blogger section (after your address information).

I had to manually setup the details, for some reason, it didn't take my blogger credentials
Config as such:
External blog type: Setup Manually
External blog username: (fill this in)
External blog password: (whatever it is)
External blog url:
External blog XML-RPC URL: <-- this is the same for all blogger accounts

Step 4: Hit Save

Step 5: Upload an activity, or select an activity.

Step 6: On the right hand side, the second box says, "My Performance". Below that, there is a text link, called, "Publish to Blog"

Step 7: Fill in the form, notice that just before the publish button, there is a radio button to select the blog you want to publish to.

Step 8: Hit the publish button.