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Back to the pool

I went swimming!

1500 meters on Wednesday night. Not bad for a first time back. I even threw in a 100m I.M. for good measure.

Some things that I noticed:
1. I had to share the pool with 'non-swimmers' (not too bad, at least there's a designated lane for lap-swimming, canon-balling high-divers are annoying sometimes).

2. There are no backstroke flags at the deep end; found this out the hard way.

3. 25 meters is nicer than 25 yards - ie. 60 laps = 1500m as opposed to 66 laps.

4. Recreationally, I hate cold-water pools. BUT strangely enough , my pool in Ottawa was always cold, and I prefered it this way for lap-swimming. The new pool was very warm (80* +) - will take some getting used to.

It was good to be back in the water.

And, thankfully, the shower area is much larger than at my last place. So there's no worry about dirty-second-hand cast-off ala This Gem from last year:

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 [13:59]
Topic: Training

Shower Etiquette

I swam 1,000 m at lunch today. I tried for a PB for the first 500m, but I swam it in 8:44 (not bad, but not a PB) - a little slower than I'd like it to be actually. I finished the set with 4 laps of breast, 4 backstroke and the rest Total Immersion style freestyle.

Later... I had the worst experience in the shower... and in fact, this has happened more than once in the past.

Exhibit A (above) is a schematic of the shower facilities at the Champaign Pool.

The numbered blue dots, indicate the shower heads - and are labeled in the "unofficial" order they are supposed to be used in. The Orange circles indicate the spray radius of each shower. The purple areas indicate the overlap.

At lunch time, when I entered, the shower stall was empty. I took position 1. Immediately behind me - Big Older Dude takes position 5. I like a long hot shower. Big Older Dude likes a cold shower - and I can feel his frigid second hand spray hitting my legs (***uuugggh***) .... it gets worse .... Big Older Dude has bad skin and hair, and uses this horrible, stinky bodywash/shampoo. I'm getting hit with second hand body wash (***uggghhh***). ... it gets worse ... I finish. Big Older Dude keeps going. I've got to walk beside him and through his stream of foamy second hand body wash to get out.

I feel so dirty. :-(