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And the sign on the door read...

He was getting antsy when he noticed the 9:30 am meeting, hadn't started on time, and would probably start a bit later. All the brass were travelling to the office for the update. 10:00 am start time (finally). 15 items or so on the agenda. 2 hours-- it would be tight.

Items 1 through 5 were taking a disproportionately long time.

The clock watch.

11:00 am. 1/2 way through the agenda. It could be done.

11:20 am. His own presentation. Moved.... Seconded.... relief.

11:55 am. Supplemental agenda... heated discussion...

12:05 pm. Motion for adjournment.

12:05:01. Sneak out.

12:10 pm. Arrive at the pool.

We made it! Looking forward to that first swim in far too long.

12:11 pm. Notice sign on the door.

And the sign on the door read...
Pool closed 11am to 1pm, sorry for any inconvenience.