The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter

I was to do a quick errand at the grocery store after my swim last night.

I got 1500 meters done, but was feeling frustrated at having to dodge recreational floaters the whole time. Afterwards, I hung at the wall at the end of my lane. The HVAC system shut down. The silence was eerily deafening. But, as if a signal from the Supreme Being, the pool emptied, and I was alone. Dumbstruck, I asked the lifeguard what time the pool closed. 10pm was the response. The current time was 8:20pm.

I talked myself into an extra 100. Oh why the heck not, an extra 1000. And it felt good. In all, 2500 meters. Including 100 IM, 4 x 100 (25 easy/50 med/25 hard).

After my long luxurious shower, I bought an orange juice, and gulped it down. Everything was good.

9:05pm. Darn. Grocery store is closed.

Air temperature was 16*C (61F), unseasonably high for the end of November. Let’s make it a brick. (Ok, maybe technically not a brick… a double work-out.)

The van, was scheduled for maintenance in the morning. I drove home. Got changed for running. Drove the van to the garage. Ran 3K home. At 200m mark, regretted the fact I had gulped down 491mL of juice 10 minutes earlier. Overall, loved the fact that I added a run after a swim. Grand.