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Spousal arousal and the Lost Post

To the left, is a satellite shot of 'le vieux port' de Montreal. 'Garminized' with a nice-and-easy 9 km run, early last Sunday morning. A (rare) weekend get-away with the wife, and a rare run together.

Most weekends, the workouts are like 'relays' - one will head out, while the other minds the kiddies, and then when the other gets back - the baton gets handed off.

Often, I'll run into her finishing her evening workout while on my way home from work. And I'll think to myself, "who's this buff chick coming down the lane". Hey, that's my wife!

Alas, nowadays, she runs and bikes more in a week than I. I admire her for that. I seem to succum to Common Man Syndrome far too easily.