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New Baselines to start the "Off Season" (update)

Had a beautiful weekend - able to get an outdoors workout done on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. A 6k run, a 30k bike, a 15k run and another 30k bike. Having had a bit of an off "on season", it's time to turn it on, for the "off season".

So, what's my baseline going into the off season? I dusted off the old heart rate strap, and set off.

Bike #1: Approx 30K: 15K with the wind, 15K into the wind - average speed out: 30km/hr @ 135 bpm, average speed in: 28 km/hr @ 137 bpm - perceived effort equivalent to 40K bike split in Oly Tri.

Run #2: Approx 15K - 7.5 into the wind, 7.5 with the wind in my sail - average pace out: 5:25 @ 150 bpm, average pace home: > 6:00 @ 141 bpm (hurting). Overall perceived effort equivalent to half-marathon effort - final average pace was 5:45 =~ 2hr 1/2 marathon; assuming I could keep going (a lot slower than I'd like to be)

Bike #2: Approx 30K: 15K with wind, @ 35.6 km/hr @ 156 bpm; 15K home @ 25 km/hr @ 131 bmp. Perceived effort =~ 15K time trial/sprint du effort - wind was too demoralizing on the way back.

Resting Heart Rate

I decided to get a baseline on my resting heart rate this morning (in bed). I was happy to see it dip below 50bpm. I had done an easy 10k run the night before.