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Fooling the Garmin

My last 4 or so runs have been at a realtively low heart rate. I've worn my heart rate strap to get a feel for what a jogging heart rate feels like. (Laying the foundation for an action plan). For the most part, a 6:20 pace for 10 km (1 hour finish time), is around 126 BPM.

When I flashed up the Garmin today, I was greeted with "New Heart Rate Zones Have Been Calculated". Cool.. I knew that it did that somehow.

Unfortunately, I think that I had fooled the Garmin into thinking my new zones were super low. I went out for a 5K, 23 minute "Tempo" run today, and laughed the whole way, as I was informed my heart rate was >> Zone 5. Not bad for 155 BPM.

Fortunately, I know better. Although, I do not necessarily know what my true zones are right now. I will figure that out shortly. plots today run in Zone 4; which sounds mostly right. I figure about 9/10 effort for most of the run. Not fast enough to start whimpering. But slow enough to keep up for 5K and finish strong, I probably could have held on for another 3K before dropping to 5:10 pace.