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Starting from Scratch

Starting from scratch... on the bike. Alas, my 2006 "Triathlon" season, has been more like a "manage to survive the move" season. Cycling, and swimming for that matter, were first on the chopping block compromise list. Yet, we're now almost settled.. and some cycling time became available on Friday night. So, I polished up my long-neglected friend, and we headed out for a little romp.

Nothing fancy, just trying to keep cadence 90+ in easy gears. Oh, but I have a lovely (protected) bike lane practically from my house to, well, a long way.

A time-trial of sorts: I only had an hour, so the challenge was how far can I go in 30 minutes... and would I be able to get back home in the remaining 30 minutes.

Turns out, I could make it to Hamilton Island and back.

Not bad for a first crack at it.

Happy to back in the saddle. Days are unfortunately getting shorter. And it looks like I'm going to be stuck on the mag-trainer soon enough.