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Next Race: Going Cross Country (Updated)

The training this year has been a bit of a wash-out with moving houses, new job, etc. etc. The racing has been few and far between.

I've decided (with the green light from my Official Sponsor), my next race will be this Saturday. A 5K Cross-Country run.

Something new.

I have never run cross country before. I have never trained for cross country before. Everything in me says, that I should not do this race: i.e. I'm going to roll an ankle, put a knee out etc. etc. But, I've not got much to lose.

The next race... I've been gently peer-pressured by a new neighbour to run a local half-marathon on September 30th. There is definatlely some unfinished business with that distance.

We shall see.


I did my first trail run practice at lunch time. I forgot to mention that the 5K cross country race is on the trails right outside my office. I had intended to the the 5K route ... but I got lost; rather, I forgot to hang a right on "Acorn Avenue". I think I got 3K in (approx 1K road, 2K trail).

First impressions: Trail running is fun. Trail running is (obviously) harder than road running. I slightly tweaked an ankle, I think it's already healed. The trail is narrow, as in, passing = hard. Perhaps cross-country running will turn out to be similar to triathlon swim starts?