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Indoor Cycling

Cold and icy Canadian winters = no cycling from November to April (at least 5 to 6 months).

Two years ago, I used my mag trainer A LOT. I didn't mind it. It helped keep my fitness on track and gave me an edge in the early part of the 2005 season.

Last year, I didn't use it so much. My wife certainly did though to rehab her ACL.

This year - not yet. I'm finding it hard to get motivated. The mag trainer is almost falling apart. Our new house has the "fitness" room upstairs. There's not as much room to keep the bikes up there.

...But check out this bad-boy, from CycleOps:

1. Compact design, smaller footprint than a full-sized bike.
2. No wear-tear on bikes - no lugging bikes up/down stairs.
3. Comes with PowerTap --- geek out with Watts.
4. Easily adjusts for multiple riders. (me and the wife).
5. 'Newness' factor guarantees a good return on investment (in terms of usage) for first season.
6. Would replace nearly-warn-out mag-trainer
7. Apparently fits-just-like-a-bike; accurate cycling workout as opposed to spinning
8. ???

1. Cost

But -- coming in at US$1900, I figure close to CDN$2300 -- aproximately the same price as our treadmill; which gets used almost every day from November to April.

Santa Baby, Hurry down the chimney!!!!