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Thank you, for this gift.

For it is a gift.

I went for a lunch time run, 6K. I would call it a jog. Hot and hazy: 38*C (100*F) with the ‘humidex’. I didn’t bring the Garmin, but I did split at 3K (15:30), total time was 31:30 ~ 5:15/km (8:30/mile). The hamstring complained a little at the start, but given my investment in the ‘pre-run routine’, and being that I was already 15 seconds into it; I was effectively beyond the point of no return.

I have been fortunate, for whatever reason…


This was going to be a really great post, but somehow, trying to organize the whirlwind of thoughts in my head that inspired it, wouldn’t do justice. I’ll remember what I mean, when I look back on this post in the future… (Hint to self: Mom 5K, Jo rowing + ½ marathon, Guylaine at Freddy’s).