The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes

Remember Phil, you are a triathlete.

The Half-Marathon experience is in the books – for better or for worse.

A 6K, 28:00 lunch time run with The Man today, and I’m officially healed from Sunday’s beating.

My training log so far this year looks like this:

Swim: 10 workouts: 18,490 total meters; Bike: 24 workouts: 561 km; Run: 57 workouts: 459 km.


This time last year, I had logged 101,200 meters swimming and over 2,000 km on the bike. (my running was only 350 km though).

I was on the bike trainer Tuesday and Thursday night (on the trainer because I was home alone with the kids, at night because it was after their bedtimes). But… it felt good to be back in the saddle again. Medium-resistance, high RPM stuff. I actually hit 153 RPM for fun, but mostly averaged 90 RPM.

I might just be able to bust out the neoprene on Sunday for a swim at Meech Lake. Water temperature expected to be cold!

But, no time like the present to get tri-training. Riverkeeper Triathlon, Olympic Distance coming up on June 17!