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Duathlon and the Popcorn Calfs

First duathlon of the season for me was tonight. It was good to be back. 3K Run, 15K Bike, 3K Run all at full-out "race pace". I'm unable to make the Thursday outings due to my schedule, but Wednesdays are going to work well.

It was my first real, hard "brick" of the year. And, that popcorn exploding feeling in the calfs at the start of the second run, although very uncomfortable, put a smile on my face, knowing that I was pushing myself to the limit.

The splits:
3K Run 1 - 13:06 (4:22 Pace) <- I dogged it a bit, didn't want to go too hard + paced myself with Bruce C.
T1 - 00:39
15K Bike - 28:50 (31.2 km/hr) <- I have no excuse other than lack of time in the saddle this year.
T2 - 00:39 (not bad considering I don't have Yankz yet in this years shoes)
3K Run 2 - 13:57 (4:39 Pace)
Overall Time - 57:12

So, this would have been nearly my slowest time last year - but, I was much more fit then. Yankz would shave about 10 seconds total. The other thing though tonight, the runs were really 3K, we started/ended further back than last year.

Year by year progress results are here.