The triathlon training blog of Phil Barnes


My first (and perhaps only) triathlon of the year is on Saturday. Olympic distance. 1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run. I'm not nervous. I don't have any expectations for this race except to enjoy it. Last year, I would have been totally freaking out. But, now, I have 2 of these races under the belt, and the distance doesn't bother me.

My goal, is to finish and to try and enjoy it. I haven't had the time to (over)train. This year will be a bit of an off year due to the new job... and the move... and the billion other things on the go. I'll be back next year in full force with a proper plan to wreak havoc on my new age group.

This weekend's training was minimal. A brief bike ride in the cold, that included a trip on the OBC Time Trial course. I clocked in at 29:00 with 32km/hr average, which is better than it looks because of the horrendous wind; yet still 3:45 off my best.

Friday Swim

Cyclelogik, for the second year in a row, is holding a Highway 19 wetsuit demo day again this Friday morning at Meech Lake. Timely, actually. If I can make it, it will give me a good practice swim before the Tri on Saturday... also, it will be able to answer my suspicions, that my Orca Speedsuit is slower than the '19 Pipeline'. Which... if it turns out to be true, will torment me to no end.