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Oops, I did it again

I bought new shoes (20% off coupon at the Running Room). Asics Gel 1110. I've had Asics for the last couple of years Gel 1090 and Gel 1100. The 1110's are this year's version. The 1090 and 1100's have worked fine so, why mess with a good thing?

I tweaked with some 2100's last year - BUT thankfully, I wore them only on the treadmill - they weren't the right shoe for me. And the Running Room fit guarantee allowed me to exchange them (on the condition that they are not used outside).

Last night - I ran outside, even though I knew I should give them a trial run on the treadmill. Phew, thank goodness they were ok.

A little bit of a let down though. I wasn't any faster.

At the running room, I also picked up a red Mizuno singlet. (For the half-marathon, in less than 3 weeks). I had read somewhere that wearing red, makes you run faster... Hey, I'll try anything!