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Freedom 55 and "The Taper"

Today marks our 11th wedding anniversary. And, no, I didn't forget. Last night, I went to the drug store to buy a card. At the checkout, the pimply boy, asks me "Do you have your Optimum (points) card?", I produce, the card. He continues, "Are you over 55?"

I'm dumbstruck... over 55 points? I don't know? Isn't it like 100 points per dollar spent or something? Maybe he means 55,000 points... I can get something for free? I'm still confused, then it hits me...

"My Age?!?!?"

"Yeah, are you 55 or older?"

"Are you kidding me!... I've still got 20 years to go!"

"Oh, well, it's seniors day today."

OK, so, I have some grey hair. But come on kid! (side note, I didn't have grey hair before I got married.... hmmmmmm .... oh, come on, I'm just joking).

The Taper

I had no intention of a "formal taper" before the half marathon in (yikes) 2 days. I had fully intended to do "light" running and cycling throughout the week, taking Friday and Saturday off. BUT - as per usual, life gets in the way, and I haven't done anything since Monday. We shall just have to see what happens.

Good luck to all fellow participants this weekend, whether it's the 2K family walk, to the full blown NCM.