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First Run from the New Office

The new office, is ideally located a stone-throw away from a bike/leisure path that runs all along the Majestic St. Lawrence River. The new office, is conveniently equipped with a shower... making lunch time running ripe for the picking.

I set out today, with a speed run in mind. I'm starting to get freaked out a bit about my 5:00 pace for the half-marathon (18 days away). The distance doesn't bother me so much, but I haven't had many quality speed runs. My plan was to run 6K, and just give 'er.

The Splits (courtesy of Garmin): 4:13, 4:31, 4:35, 4:14, 5:07 (hello Mr. Wind), 5:17. In total, 6K + change in 28 minutes. Not bad. I felt good (except the last 2 clicks into a massive wind).