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Lost in Rothwell, the ACL, learning to drink, treadmill vs street and a whole lot more

Where to start?

ACL Update

So, my wife had here ACL reconstructed in December. The doctor originally indicated she'd be back running in 3 months... well, that was a little bit of a stretch; however, she worked her ass of at physio and did her daily exercises, and rode the bike trainer. She started running about 4 weeks ago, on the treadmill, 2 miles at a time.

Go figure, if yesterday, she doesn't lay down a 5K in 34 minutes. Only 2 minutes off her pre-surgery pace. No, it's not lightening fast, she doesn't run to go fast, she runs for pleasure. So, good for her getting back to form so quickly.


Last night, we received the offer we wanted on our house. Virtually full asking price, with our desired closing date. It's a definate bonus that we're selling to a family that appreciates the work we've done on the house, and will take good care of it.


To celebrate the sale of the house, I went out for an evening run. Love the fact that the temperature is finally in the teens. I managed to convince myself to run slowly... dare I say it, I actually jogged. Having the Garmin adds a total new dimension to running. I have this desire to know exactly how far I have run on any given excursion. It's all there strapped to my wrist. I can run where I want to, and not have to worry about going back with the car to measure the distance afterwards.

That said, I managed to find an area close to our house, that I have never actually run around before. This place is packed full of million-dollar semi-mansions, but damn, where the heck are the streetlights? None. Pitch black. After running for a while, I actually thought I was lost, and had to decide to I continue (eventually popping out onto Blair Road) or do I cut my losses and back-track? I pushed on, and finally found my way to Blair Road.

You can view my Motion Based Map in Motion here. (click the Dashboard button, and then Map Player tab)

Learning to Drink

My half-marathon is fast approaching. And, lately, I've been practicing drinking. I have this bad habit of not hydrating when I run. So, I've been practicing with my fuel-belt, alternating sips of gatorade and water at every kilometer.

What I realised last night

I ran 10K last night, outdoors. I ran 10K the night before on the treadmill. Both at roughly the same pace, and same final time. I do appreciate having the treadmill, and I don't dread it.. but it was much easier to run outside than on the treadmill - the effort required to run outside seemed to be much less. Which is odd, because I've heard arguments saying you need to put the treadmill at 1% incline to immitate real conditions (I always run 0% incline on it). So my non-scientific conclusion - running outside is easier than running on a treadmill.

Oh, I could ramble on and on, but I've got to get back to work. Peace, out.