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First ride of the season!

I got my first real ride of the season in on Sunday morning. A lap-and-a-half of the Rockcliffe Parkway. It was still -1*C when I left, but the sun was out. It felt great to be out on the road again. I took it easy stayed away from the big chain ring, and drove mid-range gears for 80-90 rpm. It was a little less than an hour for 26K. Certainly not spectacular, but great to be out.

At about 19K I got caught up to and was about to get dropped by a Giant TCR 3 Composite. It was Martin Dinan, he recognized me and eased up. We rode the last part together. At one point, we passed an on-coming pace line of about 15 bikes - actually it was more like a pace-blob - it would have been great to be in the middle of that.

Martin's TCR3 Composite... very nice

My new Louis Garneau Tri Air shoes were tightly locked into my new Time Impact pedals. I honestly could feel a difference over last years, mountain bike shoes on mountain bike pedals. I felt more connected to the bike from the shin/calf down.

The benefit of the Tri Air shoes is the heavy ventilation... although, this was a serious detriment on Sunday - my feet were blocks of ice after the ride. Time for some cycling booties.