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First long run of the year

17 K, along the river. 1:30:34. 5:20km/hr pace. Heart rate in the high 150's. 8.5 exertion. Cold. Light drizzle. Strong wind in my face half the time, strong wind in my back the other half. 5:40 avg. into the wind, 5:00 avg. with the wind at my back.

Notes to self: good performance. good hydration. good challenge with wind. felt drained afterwards... but could have gone on for at least another 4k for sure.

65% confidence I can hold 5:00 pace (1:45:00) for half marathon in one month (yikes). 99% confidence I can hold 5:20 pace. (1:52:00). Race day HEAT (or rain) is the only unkown so far. Need to practice more on a hot day, and on a really rainy day.

Shoes are shot. I need to get a new pair SOON, so I can have them properly broken in.