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My playing status is officially listed as "day-to-day". I sustained an unusual injury during an endurance event over the weekend. Somewhere in the my 8 hour sleep on Saturday night, I tweaked an upper back muscle.

Which, really bites, as the weather is now officially glorious, and people are riding again. I even saw a pace-line on Sunday morning.

I dug up my commuter bike, only to find that my laziness in not preparing it for hibernation, compounded with the fact, that I just left it out in the cold shed all winter has allowed for the onset of "somethings-all-buggered-up-with-the-drive-train-itis". I have scheduled an appointment at Full Cycle for the "Tune-up 'Plus'" package.

I'll be taking in my road bike too for "Tune-up 'Plus'" package too, and some new bar tape. They will have to stay the weekend though. :-(

Ask me where I'm going at lunch today....

Here's a hint: