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Money burns holes in my pockets. I try not to carry too much. I planned today's cash-flow this morning before leaving for work. $2.00 for coffee... plus an extra buck... I knew I had $3 in my desk drawer, and I was going to go to the pool at lunch ($3.70 drop in).

I got my coffee, and on the way to the office, I ran into "Dave the homeless guy". I hadn't seen him in a while, and I gave him the extra buck I had in my pocket.

...lunch time rolls around... off to the pool. I extract the $3.00 from my desk, and head out. Half way to the pool, I'm digging through my pockets, and realize that the extra dollar I had brought... was given to Dave this morning.

1) Hit the bank machine (pay $3.00 in service charges for withdrawing from a bank that's not mine -- don't get me started on this)
2) Plead for an IOU at the pool

or option 3)... bite the bullet and buy a pass (with my credit card).

Between 2003 and 2005 I swam almost every single weekday, and I did it on 3 month pass to 3 month pass. It's considerably cheaper to get a yearly membership - or even 6 months... but I just couldn't commit.

Lately, my lunch time swims have been few and far between. But, what if I made a commitment... to a monthly pass... would I ressurect the swimming habit?

I'm hoping yes. So I bought the monthly pass. Regular lunch time swims, recommence now.