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You get out, what you put in

I wrapped up my latest block of boxing training last night. And, I graduated to Level 3. (Yippe!) The WBK program has 5 levels, and they seem to get exponentially harder. The Level 5's have been boxing for 3-4 years or more.

Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to contiue with boxing at the moment. Which is bitter-sweet.

I really enjoy it. But DAM, it is hard. It is without a doubt the hardest hour of exercise I have ever been privy to. It is harder than a 10K run at race pace. I would even say it is harder than a sprint triathlon. The upside is that now, I can start to really concentrate on tri-training, and get back to the pool.

Last night's workout: Split Circuit, punch-outs at start, middle, end. (posted mainly for my own benefit, so I can re-trace some of these workouts by myself).

Warm up
1. 3 minutes warm up skipping
2. 3 minutes practice punches. 1-2, 1-2-Left hook, 1-2-Left hook-right, Mix it up.
3. Stretches - Woodchop, Arm circles forwards, arm circles backwards, Arm pull-backs, Arm rotation up, alternating high-knees, alternating kick backs, body pivots, right-left sways, high leg swings, knee rotations, push-ups, squats

Punchout 1
Group of 3, 3 minutes total, 3 rounds, 20 seconds per round, 100% in-and-out

Circuit 1 - 3 Minute rounds, 2:30 + 0:30 + 30 seconds between stations

1. Heavy Bag (1-2 x 5, 1-2-Left x 5, 1-2-Left-4 x 5, hit and move left and right 'til :30, at :30, punch-out standing in)

2. Heavy Bag (same as above)

3. Speed bag (double hit x :10, single hit left x :10 single hit right x :10, back to double hit - repeat, at :30 fast double hit).

4. Skip :30 cross-overs, :30 double at :30 sprint high-knees.

5. Shadow Box: jab+right to body x 5, jab+right to body+left hook x 5, jab+right+hook+right uppercut x 5, hit and move, at :30 punch out standing in.

Punch out, in and out. 3 minutes, 3 people, 3 x :20 100%

Circuit 2 - 3 Minute rounds, 2:30 + 0:30 + 30 seconds between stations

Heavy Bag, Heavy Bag, Shadow Box, Speed Bag, Skip

Last Punch out
Punch out, in and out. 3 minutes, 3 people, 3 x :20 100%

So, with that all wrapped up, I can now focus on my half-marathon in May.