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Col de Blair

Saturday afternoon. Sunny and zero degrees. Guylaine is out with the kids. This can mean only one thing. A real run. An outdoor run. As in, no treadmill.

The route, my favourite 8 k-er (5 miles). Pleasant run through Rothwell Heights, followed by a massive mountain, and then gently downhill to home.

Watch my route in motion

Note to self: Something not quite right with the distance calculation!! Need to look into that

And here's what 240 feet of climbing in less than a mile looks like. Check out the monster between mile 2 and 3. That is the foot of Blair Road. A real hoot to go down on your bike. That is, if you don't mind hitting 80km/hr.

Footnote: The altitude graph was taken from my Garmin Forerunner 301. I'm not convinced that it's entirely accurate. I will be re-running this route using a friend's eTrex Vista. This device features a real altimeter which is dead-on accurate. It will be interesting to overlay the two datasets.